From Here to There via Sound

Earth Sounds Definitions/Experiences

Sound Blockage

Termed; ear blocks. These indicate an earthquake will occur in or near water. Water is defined as oceans, streams, reservoirs, rivers, aqueducts and lakes. The blockage precedes events occurring in the area of the potential epicenter and the direction is determined by which ear the blockage with or without a tone arrives.


Fluttering sounds like a birds wings flapping rapidly near the ear. These precede swarms or clusters of earthquakes. There is no means of determining distance from these events; however, they can only be heard within the hearing range that other sounds are heard by the recipient. 

Helicopter Sounds

This pulsating sound heard in both ears indicates a local earthquake, occurring no further than 100 miles distance from the epicenter of an impending earthquake by the sound recipient. It is the same as a helicopter being on a landing pad before the engines gear up for take-off.


This is a constant ringing or background sound caused by damage to the ears from loud noises or medication and is not the same as an earth sound, which is a sound which lasts momentarily and stops.

Ending Explosions

These sounds occur at the end of ear tones where there is a deep subduction earthquake on the horizon.  It has only been reported to be heard once, by one person for one large subduction earthquake event.

Primary Sounds

These are the tones heard at the initial sound level before it begins to trail off and indicate the distance from the recipient to the earthquake fault.

Trailing Sounds

These drop down lower volume tones that occur after a primary ear sound indicate the length of the earthquake fault which is about to break or move.

Magnitude Determinations

These are assigned based upon the volume of an earth sound heard. We assign sound volumes from 1 – 5 with 1 being the lowest volume, which can be heard, and 5 so loud it’s the loudest sound that one could imagine hearing without causing the loss of hearing by the recipient. 

Earthquake Window Assignments

Most earthquakes emerge within a ten day period and using time periods less than this often prove fruitless, however, adding more time lessens the value of the prediction and isn’t suggested.

Distance Assignments

This research group uses a formula of 37.5 miles per primary sound heard to determine distance to the suggested epicenter of an impending earthquake. We are the only group in the history of ear sounds experimentation and research to use this formula. Very long distance earth sounds heard by many around the world to date have no mileage determination factor and thus proving an earthquake belongs somewhere on the planet can only be established by a single individual through years of documentation.

Oddities in Hearing Sounds/Physical Manifestations

Each earthquake sensitive seems to have a specialty in hearing some sounds or have experiences that are not shared by others and are truly unique to them or where they reside.


Humming in relationship to earthquakes is noted not when earthquakes are going to happen, however, in interim periods when they don’t occur.

Phantom Tooth Pains

Earthquake sensitive individuals may experience tooth pain, which is not the same as tooth aches in that it is missing the throbbing sensation, but rather it is more like pressure and it often occurs where there are missing teeth and areas where some have bridgework.  These occur before very local earthquakes near the recipient.

Ear Pressure

Pressure in the ears which is similar to air pressure or altitude changes occurs prior to very local events and may last for minutes to a scant few seconds or be intermittent.


This is a very common occurrence before locally felt earthquake events.  It may come and go for short periods of time, such as hours or last as long as a week.  It is not accompanied by pain in the ears.


Rarely someone will report feeling an upset stomach and this may be accompanied by the sense of vertigo and it too denotes a locally felt future earthquake event.

The Nods

Sometimes before local earthquake events some experience an overwhelming sense that they cannot stay awake. Despite fighting the sensation and drinking many cups of coffee the desire to sleep just won’t fade away.  Earthquakes often follow within three to six days near to the recipient.

Wine Glasses & Fog Horns

Some report specialty sounds that can be assigned to a specific place, but may not ever be heard by others. In the San Francisco Bay Area the wine glass sound has been reported for The Pinnacles West and Fog Horn sounds to the Golden Gate Bridge or near the bridge.

Sad Syndrome

Before major or great earthquakes where substantial loss of life will occur some report feeling exceptionally sad.  It's quite similar to feelings of grief. However, without several experiences of this nature it mostly goes unrecognized.  

Geomagnetic Events

We have documented a simultaneous effect when geomagnetic events have transpired. During high index flare events when the earth is situated where the flare has it’s greatest impact, those who ear these sounds will hear an earth sound at exact time as the flare impact and an earthquake will ensue exactly at that moment as well.  It is infrequently noted to correlate all three of these events as most researchers do refer to space weather as a resource to exclude these events from potential future events. Questions still remain as to whether the sound recipient heard the earthquake occurring or the geomagnetic phenomenon.

Distance Factoring by Individual

It is essential to understand that every person who hears an earth sound does have a limit as to how far away they can hear a given magnitude earthquake.  By using reports by researchers for years we do know how far we can hear various magnitudes of earthquakes.  For those who have not performed a test by documenting their own hearing ranges, it is highly recommended to prove the validity of their claims of being able to hear sounds at very great distances. 

Geology’s Influential Key

Every sound that is heard is unique to the geological structure of the future epicenter of an earthquake. Volcanic areas emit not only low frequency sounds however, high pitched sounds depending on the volcanic mass in the area.  Basalt makes a soft sound (100-500hz) and obsidian delivers a higher pitched sound (3000-12,000hz). The average person cannot hear low basalt volcanic sounds at great distances. The Sierra Nevada mountain range on the other hand emits a very loud sound because the rock compositions are granite, but Baja, California like many areas is a mix of hard and soft rocks and depending on the locations one has to be able to discern from research which area belongs to the particular sound heard.

Seismology & Earth Sounds

If one understands that a simple matter of the trailing sound indicates whether an earthquake fault can be noted as a short one or a long one, defining the major faults from minor one’s is not that difficult.  It also separates fact from fiction as well.  A person suggesting an earth sound is for a place which cannot produce a major or great earthquake indicates lack of experience or education in this realm and is potentially a hoax.

Seismic Refraction

When seismic waves are trapped within rock structures and bounce back and forth, the ear sound recipient can hear this as an even spaced set of earth sounds at a frequency that matches the rock structure where this is transpiring. 

Theory vs Prediction

Proving this experience is a physical one, rather than mental or a psychic one that can be traced to future epicenters is not that difficult, however, proving one has the skills to convert the information into a prediction format is something altogether different and is much more difficult.  Simple assignments including latitude, longitude, time periods in windows and magnitude determinations are necessary, however are often overlooked by the multitudes in using this phenomenon when suggesting an earthquake may occur. It is not possible for these sounds to belong to multiple locations and therefore anyone supplying a laundry list of potential locations needs to go back to the drawing board and do their homework because they only belong to one single place.  Research defines and confirms where sounds belong versus guessing.

A Learned Skill

This program can be taught to anyone who hears these sounds for short-range earthquakes.  Short-range would include any events within 1500 miles of the recipient.  We have taught youngsters from age ten and up with a very good success rate. 

Researcher Initial Reports

The following information is provided by our researchers when reports are filed:

Date of Occurrence

Time of Occurrence

Location where the person was at the time the sound was heard.

The length of the primary sound.

The length of the trailing sound.

The frequency level of the sound (100-12,000 hz)

The volume of the sound (1-5)

Notes regarding anything that was transpiring which might cause a problem in counting the seconds, feeling a physical phenomenon, being in a car, an airplane, talking on the telephone or waking up from sleeping are all important details.

Extraordinary Physical Phenomenon Reports

In our decade of research not once have we ever received a report from any of the twenty researchers involved in this program which have been a kin to someone on the verge of having a stroke, a heart attack, being thrown out of chair, anxiety or anything of that nature and I would view any such reports by anyone as highly suspicious. 

The aforementioned list may be updated from time to time to include new experiences or when reviewing documentation of events taking place during the past decade. There are sounds and or experiences which have not been included because they are still being documented to confirm they belong to the earth sounds experience.

This material is copyrighted by Petra Nova Challus Research Group, et al, @ Challus Media 1999 – 2014.  It can be used by individuals as a reference, however, may not be reproduced in any media/medium or distributed without the written permission of Petra Challus.   


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