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This site was created for our guests to become familiar with precursory earthquake activity in near real time in hopes of providing indications that an earthquake may occur in the areas where reports and data are generated worldwide. From human experience, designated animal activity, natural phenomena and instruments this site is intended to be the closest near real time notification repository for our global community.

We have been performing earthquake research and presenting earthquake predictions for a decade by various means and in the process began to gather reports which gave us clues as to what happens at ground zero and nearby where earthquakes were about to happen and realized more needed to be done in both sharing what we know and collecting more reports to further our understanding of precursory activity.

And while we would like to physically chase earthquakes in hopes of being there when they occur, much like tornado chasers, in this endeavor we will be, only via the medium of the Internet, rather than in the field.

We are strong advocates for earthquake preparedness be it in the realm of collecting earthquake supplies, what one needs to do before, during and after an earthquake, recognizing Safe Places be they at home or elsewhere and mentally preparing for what lies ahead, this site who hope expands avenues of awareness not often seen on traditional “get ready” lists.

In our many years of traveling up and down fault lines we’ve come to know the from those who live along the faultlines what the average person on the street has noticed and have been fortunate in collecting their reports. Our biological research team participants also offered a decade of reports as well, thus we acquired some relative knowledge which has never been scientifically researched.

Though we are not scientists we do have a wealth of knowledge about geology and seismology we acquired through various means, be it reading scientific papers by the thousands or books on this topic, attending field excursions, scientific conventions and many one on one discussions with earth scientists who furthered our knowledge about the earthquake process in our visits, they also brought a greater understanding about scientific equipment. And though rare these days, when we don’t have an answer, we are fortunate to have scientific contacts that help us when we encounter something we don’t fully understand.

In these challenging times there is no money for scientific research of this nature, nor would it expand beyond their normal scope of an average geo-scientist in this type of project. However, we could not endeavor to embrace this project without the benefit of the wealth of knowledge scientists worked diligently to acquire. 

Therefore, we’d like to invite you to hop on board this earthquake train which has no known destination driven by Quake Chasers Don Eck of Hollister and Petra Challus of Santa Rosa, California and discover what we can learn through this very unique research endeavor where our global citizens teach us what there is to know about what happens before earthquakes occur.

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